What is a Dosha?

In the world of Ayurveda, a person’s dosha encompasses their personal constitution– mentally and physically. Each dosha is directly related to a person’s preferences and aversions, their personality, the seasons, the elements, and more.

There are 3 doshas: kapha, pitta, and vata. One of the 3 doshas will be dominant in your life– even if only slightly. Our goal is to keep them in balance, and when they are out of balance we can usually tell. For instance, a balanced pitta is loyal, nurturing, and forgiving. But an unbridled pitta can lead a person to feel less secure, controlling, or insensitive.

Knowing your dosha is just one of the many ways that you can nurture self-compassion. Through crosswork yoga, you can equip yourself to become more mindful of where your dosha is and how to navigate back toward sattva, or balance.