About Sarah

I teach hatha yoga that is gentle and restful. Hatha is generally a preferred style of yoga for people with limited mobility, people with special health considerations such as injuries or pregnancy, or beginners who may find a fast pace to be daunting. I am a trauma informed yoga teacher who offers a safe space for everyone to practice.

Each class is different, literally, every time I teach! I do not use scripts. I ask students how they are feeling and tailor the asana for what they want to focus on. In group classes, I generally theme around physiological elements like stretching the muscles of the shoulders or hips and mindful elements like peace and rest. There are elements of yin and restorative postures as well as mindful meditation. I offer modifications throughout class, and I offer constructive rest as a meaningful way to participate at any time.

Here are some things I can not do. I am not a licensed healthcare provider or yoga therapist. I do not accept insurance, offer medical advice, or converse about diet or mental health. I do not offer physical adjustments, sound therapy, essential oils, or aromatherapy. These are outside of my scope of practice.

Personally, I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years. Everything I bring to a yoga class stems from my personal yoga practice, and as a Registered Yoga Teacher® I have completed hundreds of hours of training that are dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of yoga. Here is my resume.

Email me to learn more, or you may find my group class schedule here.

Peace, Shalom, and Namaste