Here is the Big Secret to Achieving Your Goal

Whether your goal is personal or professional, here are three simple things you can do to increase the likelihood of long-term success.

  • A Vision
  • A Record
  • A Reward

Casting a vision means defining your goal. Write it down, and be specific. Identify what you need to do to reach that goal. Think about which obstacles stand between you and your goal, and make a plan to avoid them. Keep your written goal where you can see it. At the beginning of each day, remind yourself of your goal. Then think on it when you have quiet times (like when you’re on hold for a phone call or brushing your teeth!)

It’s imperative to keep a daily record because you need to track how you’re doing. This may mean including a successful friend you know and trust will be honest with you. It may mean finding an food diary or fitness tracker app. It definitely includes being honest with yourself. Write down when you fail, and write down when you succeed. Failures are opportunities to identify obstacles and eliminate them in the future. Successes are opportunities to identify your wins and replicate those habits.

The last component is a reward. Sometimes the goal itself is a reward (weight loss that yields increased energy, or higher sales that bring a financial bonus.) If the goal is less lucrative, don’t skip out. Whether you reward yourself with a pedicure, an electronics upgrade, or a pint of full-fat ice cream, identifying your reward and following through means a greater chance of keeping your habit long term.

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