Stretch Yourself

Yoga is about flexibility of the body, but it’s also about flexibility of your mind, spirit, and strength. Flexibility is something that is achieved incrementally. Stretching just a little every day makes impossible yoga poses possible! Through Crosswork, you can apply yogic habits to other areas of your life, like your finances or writing goals. The incremental habit of saving $25 a week or writing 250 words a day will help you reach your goals of paying off a debt, taking a vacation, or writing a book.

Flexibility of the Mind Yoga helps to change your thought patterns and perceptions. Instead of ruminating over the past or getting lost in daydreams about the future, yoga helps you learn how to rest and be present in the moment.

Flexibility of the Spirit Yoga helps you learn to practice non-violence (or ahimsa) toward others and toward yourself. Self-compassion and empathy for others help you lean into thoughts like believing that good is coming your way. It helps you overcome self-limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals.

Flexibility of Strength Yoga helps you build strength and flexibility in large and small muscle groups. For instance, inversions and handstands help build the hands, forearms, and shoulders. But they also help build your core and glutes. Even mild inversions, like wide-leg forward fold, increase your strength.

But there’s a difference between stretching yourself and stretching yourself too thin. Stretching yourself may be uncomfortable, but it leads to self-improvement and self-awareness. If you’re caught up in a hustle-bustle that leaves you feeling perpetually drained, chances are you’ve overextended yourself. The good news is, even if you find that you are currently stretched to-the-max, yoga also teaches us how to realign and begin again.