Get Ready for the 5-Day Gut & Butt Challenge!

Join me July 26 – 30

For the FIRST time ever,
we want to invite YOU to take part in our all-new
FASTer Way 5-Day Gut and Butt Challenge!

This is a handcrafted 5-day workout and meal plan
that puts the focus on what matters most (booty and abs!)

At only $20, this is a no brainer!

With the 5-Day Gut and Butt Challenge, you’ll receive:

  • Cutting edge nutrition strategies like Intermittent Fasting
  • Daily 30-minute workouts for all fitness levels (minimal equipment needed!) PLUS, EXCLUSIVE booty-burning, ab-shredding bonus workouts.
  • Exclusive trainings from our pro trainers, health coaches and registered dietitians
  • Daily support and accountability from a community committed to seeing you thrive
  • FREE resistance band for your gym or at-home workouts